These are some of the toys I created!
Process images further down.
This is my character Marco, this time Marco is wearing a froggy costume. Marco can increase children’s interest in good personal hygiene and homework. Marco can also be used by adults for a conversation piece.
Tech Pack:
I start my creation out with some clay...
And then I pour a mold over...
Once set, I pour resin into the the hollow mold and let that set...
Fix any surface imperfections and prepare for painting!
These two boogers below were made from scrap resin that was going to be thrown away but I do my best to reuse materials.
Be kind to the environment.
On the reverse side is another booger.
In front is Marco in a yellow bunny costume.
Here is my IceCream Logo in 3D form, you can see him in my Character design section
At certain angles the body is hidden and all that is seen is the ice cream
There is a Mr. Toast sketch in my Character design section.
This guy below, Marco, was a really fun long process of trial and error. 
The frog lips, eye placement and backpack structure were the main changes.
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